New Paradigm Hempery
Using Hemp to build the new paradigm.

Annual Calendar

A year in the HEMP life...

Dec-Apr - Preparation and Planning

There is lots of behind the scenes work that takes place during the winter months to ensure a smooth spring and growing season.

The planning and preparation includes getting all licensing items in order and determining where and how much hemp to grow. With the introduction of various strains and reasons to grow hemp it is worth choosing the right growing areas and the right strains.

June-August - Maintenance

Since growing outdoors is always reactive to nature, we have a maintenance team in place who will take care of the crop for the summer months.

Maintenance includes irrigation, weeding and overall taking care of the land/space to maximize success for the crop.

April - Indoor Planting

Part of what the Hempery does is grow some plants from seed indoors before the outdoor season begins in May/June. The month of April is spent planting indoors and preparing the outdoor space for all sorts of planting from seed to seedlings.

If you are interested in supporting the planting process then join us for a planting symphony.

August-November - Harvest and Process

Harvesting takes place over several weeks as we aim for a consistent ongoing harvest, versus a large one time harvest. There is a right time to harvest and this is dictated by weather.

A team is assembled to harvest as it is the most intensive time of season, and possibly the most exciting also! If you are interested in supporting us harvesting please visit the event page for harvest events.

Things do not end at harvest... we are focused on taking our amazing hemp an creating delicious products such as hemp hearts, hemp coffee and hemp oil. We also plan to create building materials such as hempcrete and hemp fiberboard. Contact us at for more information.

May/June - Outdoor Planting

Seedlings that have been indoors for a few weeks will go outside and also there will be some scatter planting happening at this time.

A bulk of the time and effort here is preparing the land/space to be planted, coordinating a planting team and getting the physical work done.

Planting is complete once operations have been passed to the maintenance team.

Fall & Winter - Sell Products

We are constantly building relationships with resellers and product manufacturers to ensure we have an outflow and profitable sales channel to move our product.

New Paradigm Products and other partners are already working with us to ensure we have eager buyers with ready customers for our product.

Available now at

Available now at