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Privacy Policy

Please read carefully.

Privacy policy

All contents of this website are protected by a claim of common law copyright of their creator.


Do not use this site, or become a member, if you are a member of “the public” who needs the protection and care provided by “the State” with regards to your decisions.

If you are a member of the “public” still wanting protections of the State, or if you are a State Agent acting in an official capacity, then leave this site.


We intend to, and do, exist in the private realm with responsible, full capacity, private members, not for the “public” realm for limited liability members of the public.

This site and contents are the private property of private persons and all contents are protected by common law copyright and its owners, unless otherwise noted.

All trade and exchange are non-commercial, not-for-profit activity, related to the private/personal endeavors of the authors.

All password protected website sections are available for private members only in their private capacity who access such information fully informed and agreeing that they do so in their private capacity and with full liability for use and application of any information received. No advice is given and none to be inferred. Each private person is encouraged and expected to choose to act with full liability, full responsibility and full knowledge.


This entire site and all of its contents are not intended for public access, but are intended for private access by private persons of full capacity, for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Website and its contents are provided for educational purposes only and is available to members only. NO ACCESS TO TRAINING FOR NON MEMBERS or THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

·       website and its contents are provided by a private person related to and as a private activity.

·       website and its contents are provided for private educational and entertainment purposes only to members only and is not available to the general public without a membership.

We do not offer financial or legal advice under any circumstances.

·       By becoming a member you acknowledge you do so as a free will decision, fully informed that there are may be inherent risks in applying information that you do not fully understand and you accept full liability for any actions you take as a result of information acquired related to your membership and hold harmless owners, members, and contributors.

·       You acknowledge that you accept full responsibility and full liability and that you will act with full knowledge.

·       You acknowledge and you accept that you do not need the public protections offered by the State and operate as a responsible, full liability private person (full capacity) relative to the any information provided herein or related sources.

Please also understand that Hemp Community is of private jurisdiction. 

December 13, 2017