New Paradigm Hempery
Using Hemp to build the new paradigm.
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The latest updates from the Hempery and community...

Things are growing along :)
Meg at top by Earl's Land (largest plants on land).

Meg at top by Earl's Land (largest plants on land).

Things are coming along well at the farm. 

Huge gratitude and thanks to those who have supported the hempery thus far. We hope you continue to visit us and don't be a stranger, we have the biggest season coming up : Harvest!

Gemini White - July 1

Gemini White - July 1

Luc Felicidade
Planting is complete!

Planting has been a busy time with the first plants going in cups early May and the first going in the ground (seeds) mid may.

June 17 marks the final day of planting. Over 60 acres of hemp in the ground.

Thank you and congratulations to all who have helped the hempery get so far. We love you. <3

Luc Felicidade
Travis at Hemp Haven

We would like to give a big shout out to Travis from Hemp Haven in Regina. Travis has been a mentor to us for over a year and continues to be a wealth of knowledge and support as we require.

We are grateful to Travis and his experience as a hemp supporter/farmer. We hope to meet the success in hemp that Travis has and continue to expand our relationship with Travis and others like him.

If you are ever in Regina, it is worth stopping at Hemp Haven to see how amazing a store and story Travis has to share about hemp.

Luc Felicidade
Hemp Community and SOCIOCRACY
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Sociocracy is a cutting edge, new paradigm governance system for communities and enterprises who wish to adopt a more circle consent model, as opposed to old paradigm hierarchical models.

The hemp community has a large overlap with those already engaged in sociocracy and its practices.

Hemp Community plans to use sociocratic principals as part of its venture.

Sat Dec 16/17 there is an event where all hemp community supporters and core are encouraged to attend in order to make this transition to sociocracy a smooth one. The goal is to use sociocracy to build the hemp community ventures.

Luc Felicidade
October 2017 Hemp Trip

In October we ventured to Saskatchewan to deepen our knowledge of harvesting hemp. With the Dreamweaver bus in tow, we traveled, harvested, sang and had meaningful experience.

This trip was the start of the glue that has now become the New Paradigm Hempery and all its supporting hempsters and community members.

Luc Felicidade