New Paradigm Hempery
Using Hemp to build the new paradigm.


The Truth about HEMP...

Hemp is OFTEN misunderstood. As Canada gears up for the Cannabis Act and the worlds starts to embrace Cannabis as medicine, food, and so many other things, it is worth being clear on what Hemp is and isn't.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant that comes from the earth/creator, just like every other plant on the planet.

Hemp is a form of Cannabis, along with its well known cousin Marijuana.
Important Note: Although both are forms of Cannabis, Hemp differs greatly from Marijuana (see chart below)
much like a tabby cat and a lion are both felines, but make very different pets.


Type of Cannabis

THC Content*


Approx. Market Value

Common Uses


Regulation/Licensing (Canada)





Low = < 0.3% THC



Food, clothing, textiles, plastic, fuel + 25,000 other specific applications

Easy to grow in various conditions/climates. Requires little care--grows like a weed.

Basic license, easy to obtain. New regulations have made it easier to get into hemp--cultivation, sale, etc. 

Enforcement is mild and usually includes audit of crop (to ensure not MJ) and fines or forced removal of crop if THC exceeds 0.3% (happens but rarely).



High = usually 5-25% THC



Recreation and Medicine

High maintenance to grow. Often grown indoors. Grown in controlled environments.

Licensing is more complex and difficult to obtain. Will have strict regulations with release of Cannabis Act in October 2018. 

Countless cases of good, moral people getting put in cages for up to years for selling, cultivating or even smoking MJ. Enforcement is expected to get stricter under Cannabis Act.

* THC Content is the variable that legally separates the two plants. Any cannabis plant above 0.3% THC is considered Marijuana (not Hemp) and is regulated as such. Most Marijuana is 5%+ THC because it has been intentionally bred for high (usually 10-25%) THC.

Can you get 'HIGH' from Hemp?

The answer to this popular FAQ is best summed up in the following quote.

Your lungs will fail before your brain attains any high from smoking industrial hemp.
— (try it if you have to)