New Paradigm Hempery
Using Hemp to build the new paradigm.


Community. Love. Passion.


It has been known for hundreds of years the power of the hemp plant. With over 25,000 practical uses including food, fuel and textiles, there is little on the planet that rivals hemp. Many of us have known this hidden fact in our hearts and the time has come to take the desire to use hemp as a vehicle for doing better. This all starts with putting seeds in the ground and growing hemp.

The New Paradigm Hempery is a group of individuals that are dedicated to growing hemp and turning it into useful products that better mankind and the planet.

The Hempery is planning to plant ~60 acres of hemp this spring. If you are interested in using our hemp products to be the change you wish to see in the world, then reach out to us. Alternatively, join us for a planting symphony.

The Hempery is currently partnered with Magpie Hemp Coffee and Fifth Meridian Hemp who has created hemp hearts, hemp oil, hemp protein and hemp coffee from Hempery hemp seeds.

The New Paradigm Hempery is supported by dozens of lovely individuals who make up the growing hempster community. Much gratitude to all who have helped build The Hempery thus far. We look forward to another exciting season of growing hemp in the foothills.

Get Involved

The Hempery is always looking for volunteers to assist at the farm, partners to build businesses using hemp and for all types of people with all sorts of skills/abilities.

Consider how you could get involved and reach out to us...

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