New Paradigm Hempery
Using Hemp to build the new paradigm.
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New Paradigm Hempery

Using Hemp to Build the New Paradigm

Preparing for Hemp Harvest 2019...

The New Paradigm Hempery is a farm and community of hemp supporters who are using HEMP to help usher in the New Paradigm. At the Hempery we explore various gardening and farming techniques and focus on turning all our hemp into food, coffee, medicine and other products with the support of other organizations and individuals.  We are keen to leverage hemp to heal the planet and humans while at the same time creating viable business ventures.

If you are interested to help with the harvest then check our Symphony Event Page.

This site is composed of information and insight into what we are doing and how you can get involved with the Hempery. 


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Ways to Get Involved...

Spring Planting Symphonies

We are gearing up for planting this Spring and will be hosting 3 planting weekends on May 10-12, May 24-26 and June 7-9.

Visit the events page to get all the details.

The Story of Hives

Much of our efforts in developing hemp into a viable business and a better alternative to fossil fuel and other inferior products is to contribute to the development of heart-centered rural communities (hives). See these videos on hives below to learn more.

The BIG Vision

The vision is to build communities that are self sustaining, regenerating the earth and co-existing in peace and prosperity. Hemp (gardening, farming, processing, creating, manufacturing, education, etc.) will enable these communities to generate revenue and sustain themselves financially through the creation of real useful products such as food, fuel, textiles, paper, plastics, etc.

I don’t know if hemp is going to save the world, but it’s the only thing that can.
— Jack Herer

Plug In 

We are actively seeking partners to plug into the Hempery. The ideal co-creator is someone who can take our hemp products—seed, flower, stalk, root, etc.—and up-value it by creating a cool and profitable product that is superior to old paradigm alternatives. We always have room at the farm for volunteers and we welcome you to book a time to visit us.

Go to the plug-in page for more information. 

hemp haven

We would like to give a big shout out to Travis from Hemp Haven in Regina. Travis has been a mentor to us for over a year and continues to be a wealth of knowledge and support as we require.

If you are ever in Regina, it is worth stopping at Hemp Haven to see how amazing a store and story Travis has to share about hemp.



Connect with us...

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